Northern Labour Party


"Synthy decadence and post punk energy are still very
much in vogue these days and appropriated into new genres,
but fans of original hit makers like Joy Division, Bauhaus and Gary Numan
 will appreciate the nod to these influences in Northern Labor Party's music.
 With all the elements of '80s New Wave, this band could sound like
they debuted far back before grunge hit the airwaves; yet
Northern Labor Party's sound doesn't feel outdated at all
thanks to dance-y beats and dark melodies. Luckily for us, the band is local in
Orange County and have appeared around various venues"
-OC Weekly

"We can't name just one favorite, but groups like
...Northern Labour Party... are among the many that we've loved."
- OC Weekly

"... five tracks that balance between moody bass-led rumble
and synth flourishes and just-accented-enough vocals
that could have been huge on KROQ's playlist during 1983."
- OC Weekly

"One listen to the band's stunning pair of EP's will convince all fans of
Interpol, Editors, She Wants Revenge, and The Killers
that they have every reason to rejoice:
this Californian troupe is a gloom king waiting to be crowned. "
- Indie Disco

The melodic lyrics layered atop the group’s signature synthesized
dance beats resembles that of Joy Division, Killers, Interpol
and the likes of the post-punk movement.
- Monkey Oil

Short Press Bio:

When it became time for the four souls to emerge from their individual prisons of isolation, they did so.
When silent acceptance of pain became unacceptable, they stood up.
When volunteers were solicited to combat the present musical era, they stepped forward.

Northern Labour Party are the four souls who formed a union,
agreed to bask in yesteryear's post-punk
and new wave sounds, and proceeded forth with determination.
The band has released two CD EP's in recent years,
and is both currently performing in Southern California
and writing songs for what shall become their third release.

Both critics and casual observers have noted that the band's sound hearkens
to the musical frameworks developed by Magazine, Gary Numan, Joy Division, New Order, and Peter Murphy.
Northern Labour Party performances do not resemble a séance to the aforementioned bands' glorious pasts.
However, their gigs do nod to the past, whilst looking to the future.

Northern Labour Party is homed in Orange County, CA.


2009 "Northern Labour Party" | Self-Released
2010 "Ready to Burn" | Ohm's Law Records