Northern Labour Party


Northern Labour Party is an actively gigging band in Orange County and Los Angeles County, CA.
If you need to contact us, you may do so via Facebook, or by emailing
northernlabourparty at (spam is unfortunate)

Northern Labour Party is affliliated with Ohm's Law Records at this time.

Ohm's Law Records Purpose:
There are those of us who feel pain, either emotional or physical. The solution for us is entertainment.
Our bodies require movement for maintenance, and our intellects require information to process and problems to solve.
To complete and elevate our human experience, emotions must be incited in us,
and we must also enrich and stimulate our sense of empathy;
as it is what separates us from animals.

Ohm’s Law Records hopes to supply these needs to humans who are seeking them.
Our flagship band refers to themselves as Northern Labour Party.
They hail from Huntington Beach, CA. They love life but are not afraid to discuss its shortcomings lyrically.
They play music that can be simultaneously danced and cried to. They invite you to join them, as the word “party”
can be interpreted to mean either a group with a common vision and goal,
or an event of celebration.

In their case, they can be viewed as both.